Global Azure Bootcamp Singapore Virtual 2020

Voxxed Days Singapore 2019 - Resilient Microservices Architecture with Kubernetes

Voxxed Days Singapore 2018 - Modernize application development with highly scalable architecture using Docker and Azure

.Net Conf Singapore 2018 - Leveraging AKS for .Net Core Microservices

Azure Learning Series

Part 1: Azure Kubernetes Series - Getting Started with Docker

Part 2: Azure Kubernetes Series - Stitch multi-container apps with Docker-Compose

Part 3: Azure Kubernetes Series - Container Orchestration using Minikube

Part 4: Azure Kubernetes Series - Deploy multi-container apps to AKS and State management using Persistent Volume Claims (PVC)

Part 5: Azure Kubernetes Series - Debug and Monitor multi-container apps deployed to AKS

Part 6: Azure Kubernetes Series - CI CD with Docker and Kubernetes using Azure DevOps