Sample Applications in ASP.NET

Whenever we come across some difficulty while coding one of the easiest ways to arrive at a solution is to search in Google. This is helpful when we need to finish the task on hand. But its always advantageous to have some sample codes and try to analyze how things are done by the experts. Especially if a complete application is available which demonstrates various features rather than explaining just one or two concepts, its of great help.

I have come across several such applications written in C# or VB.NET. I would like to recomment these samples.

1. MS Petshop
This sample tops the list in my preferences. Its written in C# and uses the best practices blue print for SUN's Java Pet Store. The application is supposed to be implemented in 1/4 Code and performs 10 times faster compared to SUN's J2EE version. you can download the source code and also read more about Pet shop at gotdotnet site..

2. Duwamish 7.0 and Fitch and Mather 7.0
These two are multi-tier, distributed enterprise application built specifically for the Microsoft .NET Platform. They are available with the installation CDs and can also be downloaded from Microsoft site. Lot of things have been already documented about these examples. You can check out at MSDN Library

3. FotoVision
This one again comes from Microsoft. It demonstrated various technologies including Windows froms, ASP.NET, Web Services etc. Its divided into 3 separate applications, Desktop, Web and Pocket PC application. Main objective of this application is to share photos on the web. For further information check out MSDN

The sample is written in VB.NET. The same sample application has been ported to C# by Moreno Borsalino and is available for download at You can also read the blog by Moreno Borsalino here

There is another C# version available atdotnetjunkies web site by Christopher Steen.

Apart from this site provides 5 end to end samples. Also under the downloads section on the same site there are some more samples which are developed both by Microsoft and non-Microsoft people.

As pointed out by Kert, there is one more sample application Infragistics Tracker. Its a Winforms applications.

Whenever I come across some other sample application I'll post it to this blog. If anybody has come across some other sample application I would like to know about the same.

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  1. lo,

    A good one that i recently came across is Infragristics Tracker.
    It basically seems to be _the_ reference architecture for Enterprise-class Winforms app.
    It has some similar core design choices as PetShop, i.e. it uses custom BE classes and arraylists of them for inter-tier communication, and it also incorporates some MS application blocks, though not the latest version of them ( called Enterprise Library )

    Definitely worth checking out.