Windows 7 Desktop Background utility


Back in the days of Windows XP I used to have a Windows XP power toy called Wallpaper changer to change my desktop images at periodic interval. Recently I moved to Windows 7 and found a useful utility built into the operating system to do the same.

Windows 7 Desktop Background

In Windows XP the wallpaper changer power toy offered features like picking up random images from a folder. You could set the time interval after which the next image should be set as the desktop background.
Windows 7 has a inbuilt feature which can do a similar job. Following are the steps to access this Desktop Background utility
1. Right click on desktop and select Personalize option
2. Click on the Desktop Background link towards the bottom of the screen
Desktop Background
3. Desktop Background
The Desktop Background has facility to
  • select the source of images
  • select all images or clear selection
  • Frequency of change of image
  • Shuffle option to randomize image selection
  • Picture position like Fill, Tit, Stretch, Tile and Center.
  • There is also an option to pause the slide show when running on battery power to save power consumption.


Its a simple utility but having it inbuilt into the operating system enhances the user experience. I am yet to discover all the new features of Windows 7 but as I said in my earlier post on Windows 7, I am impressed with its features. Keep up the good work Microsoft.


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