Hacktoberfest DevOps with GitHub Actions


In the month of October, DigitalOcean in partnership with Intel and Dev are celebrating the Hacktoberfest event across the globe. This is an annual event which aims to increase awareness of open source in communities all over the world. There are meetups and events scheduled all over in this regards. If you are an open-source contributor, you can get a free t-shirt by registering for the event and submitting at least 4 pull requests during the month of October. You can find out more about the event from the website

DevOps with GitHub Actions

The Hacktoberfest Singapore meetup was scheduled for Saturday 10 October with half-day event. I had the opportunity to present a topic on building DevOps pipelines with GitHub Actions. GitHub Actions allows us to automate workflows when certain events trigger on our repository.

In this session, we demonstrated 3 different scenarios

  • A simple workflow for linting codebase with Github Superlinter
  • A workflow involving third party integration with SonarCloud for static code analysis
  • CI CD workflow for deploying a containerized app with Azure Container Registry (ACR) and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

The recording of the session is available on YouTube


The slides used during the session are available online

Slideshare - https://www.slideshare.net/nileshgule/devops-with-github-actions

Speakerdeck - https://speakerdeck.com/nileshgule/devops-with-github-actions

Source code

The source code of the demo used during the session is available on the GitHub repository


GitHub Actions provides an excellent option for automating workflows to run specific tasks when some event like code push or a release is triggered on the repository. The marketplace offers an opportunity for third-party vendors to provide actions for their products to integrate into automated workflows on repositories.

Until next time, Code with Passion and Strive for Excellence.

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