ASP.NET MVC Sample Applications


Supporting any new technology with end to end samples to understand the concepts related to the technology is quite essential. I have been working with ASP.NET MVC off late. While going through various blogs and learning resources I found some good examples. I think its helpful is we get samples related to different domains and scenarios. Here is a small list samples which I found useful. Some of these samples can be found at the ASP.NET MVC site


MVC Sample Applications

Store Front -

Rob Conery came up with an wonderful series which demonstrated building a online web application called Store Front. Rob demonstrated various concepts in his series of screencasts right from basic ASP.NET MVC to Helpers and Routing, Pipes and Filters, dependency injection, TDD, implementation of repository pattern, Domain Driven Design (DDD), Globalization, Dynamic Data, Entity Framework etc.

The whole application was built bit by bit and I felt every blog post was worth reading even if you had prior knowledge of the concepts that Rob tries to explain. You can download the latest code of the applications at


Nerd dinner

This particular application was built by the team which includes people like Scott Guthrie, Phil Haack, Rob Conory and Scott Hanselman. This application also finds mention in the book Professional ASP.NET MVC 1.0. This is an open source project hosted on Codeplex.

You can also find it live at There are plans to add monthly feature to the existing site in the form of OpenID, explore virtual earth API's, RSS feed for all pages etc. You can download the walk through of this application in PDF format from



This is another open source application written by Jeffrey Palermo the author of ASP.NET MVC in Action book. This book has many references to code camp server. The working example of code camp server can be found at Austin .NET Users Group. This application makes use of NHibernate as OR mapper and includes extensive unit tests.You can download the code for this application from


Suteki Shop E-Commerce

Suteki Shop is a fully featured self service eCommerce Application. The latest code for Suteki can be downloaded from Some of the features used in this application are MVC Contrib, Windsor IoC container and Rhino Mocks.



This applications helps users to measure fuel usage and kilometers driven using concepts like dependency injection and repository pattern. This application is designed and developed by Maarten Balliauw. You can catch the glimpse of this application at



FLickr explorer is very interesting to me. It uses loads of things like a custom LINQ provider, jQuery and ASP.NET MVC. It also uses cloud computing. It offers users a fast photo explorer and search tool to browse millions of photos in flickr. You can find the details about this application at



Oxite is a blog engine. Oxite has very good support for essentials like MetaWebLog API which can be used with tools like LiveWriter to manage blogs, trackbacks, sitemaps for better search engine optimizations (SEO), RSS and ATOM feeds, web admin features, tags etc etc. the oxite code can be downloaded from



Each of these samples have their own advantages. I wouldn't like to go too much into the disadvantages as my main intention at this point is to get familiarized with the ASP.NET MVC technology. If step by step approach is needed I would suggest follow Store Front or Nerd Dinner. If you would like to use mix of MVC and open source tools like JQuery FlickrXplorer might be a good option. If unit testing is the focus then I would suggest having look at CodeCampServer or Suteki Shop. Each of the application has a purpose of its own and highlights one or more feature.

I would like to know if there are any more good samples apart from these listed here.



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