Interesting links for 28th December 2010


After a brief stoppage due to my relocation from India to Singapore, the interesting posts series is back. Enjoy the links.


How to implement a date time picker across multiple drop downs with ASP.NET MVC - This is a nice post which was recommended by Scott Guthrie on twitter.

Resetting form fields in ASP.NET Webforms - Another article by Scott, but this time its Scott Mitchell Smile


Just enough, just in time and sometimes Just because - This is a very nice post by the person whom I interacted a bit in my last organization Jesse Fewell. Good one Jesse.

Theory of Constraints – blaming the bottleneck :

Rotating responsibility for Scrums and Retrospectives - 

Jack Welch’s leadership attributes -

Servant Leader - If you have time please read the linked post about practicing servant leadership in this article.


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