Interesting links for 9th Dec 2010



Does adding more people increase the velocity? -

But it just had to get done -


Building a sample Web Matrix application -

WPF & Silverlight

Dynamically generating controls in WPF & Silverlight -

A very nice post by Pete Brown on dynamically generating controls in WPF & Silverlight. The post also talks about handling events for such controls.

Entity Framework

Entity Framework Code First CTP5 Release -

EF Feature CTP5 released -

ADO.NET team code walkthrough of EF Code First -

Profiling Database Activity in the Entity Framework - Wonderful post by Julie Lerman on profiling database activities with EF. She also talks about few tools available to do so.


Optional Razor sections with Default Content -

Using Output Caching with WCF Data Services -

Phil Haacks suggested links for NuGet -

Detecting postback or refresh in ASP.NET -


Clean Code : Too much of Good Thing? - This is my personal favorite. Ron Jeffries does a great job in discussing about clean code. I love the last para of this post which says

“Bad code will slow you down if you write it for even a few days. If you write bad code long enough to get an actual product out, you will deliver that product more slowly, and with more bugs, than if you had gone clean.” 

I have personally experienced this situation and would request every developer who is serious about their work and passionate about their skills to read the book on Clean Code by Bob Martin.

Scott Hanselman on Backing up the data to various destinations -


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